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Connecting with Students is an online community and training tools to help you connect with every student, help them be successful and stay in school. Learn relationship strategies to work with kids at risk of dropping out. "It reminds you of what you know and gives you a lift!"
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Gain skills in cultural competency and mentoring through a process of self-reflection, collaborative inquiry and critical discourse. Learn about and share best practices, explore challenges, consider solutions and ideas of others and become part of a dynamic online learning community that values and supports kids.

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Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Get to Know Your Students
Lesson 3
Characteristics of Effective Relationships
Lesson 4
How to Build Relationships
Lesson 5
Cultural Competence Builds Relationships
Lesson 6
It Takes a Village
Lesson 7
Families and School – Creating Ties that Bind
Lesson 8
Peers – Another Type of Relationship
Lesson 9
Community Relationships – Thinking Outside the Building
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